Building-Integrated PV Singapore community

The Building-Integrated PV Community or “BIPV SG” aims to bring together early adopters, various governmental and regulatory bodies and relevant stakeholders from private and public sector to take on a leadership role in advancing and promoting BIPV in Singapore.

“BIPV SG” is meant to be an interactive platform to address barriers and find innovative solutions to overcome them in a inter-disciplinary manner, covering the full value chain from design, component selection, construction, installation to operation & maintenance of novel, solar-powered BIPV- and BAPV solutions.

The first “BIPV SG” meeting will be held on 26th of July at the second day of Building-Integrated Conference 2019 with theme “Solar Architecture towards Sustainable Cities”.

Who should attend: solar experts, architects, engineers, building professionals, building developers and various stakeholders from private and public sectors, government agencies, researchers and solar-enthusiasts.

What to expect:

• Discussions on BIPV technologies – multi-functionality

• How to achieve the “mind-set change” towards a “solar architecture”

• Future trainings/ workshops needs

• And many more

Feel free to join us for the first meeting of “BIPV SG”!

Registration via this Eventbrite link